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how our program works?

The initial step to restoring your

credit score is to schedule your Personalized Credit Review! During the call, we will review your personalized credit reports, show you inaccuracies negatively impacting your credit scores, explain how our program and determine if our services are best for you.

Our advanced disputing techniques include Factual disputing, Metro2 Compliance and Consumer Credit Laws. You will also receive a personal action plan to rebuild a healthy credit file will allow potential lenders to APPROVED you for a mortgage, a reliable car, high limit credit cards, lower interest rates and business funding.

Over 98% of our clients see results within 38 days. Prepare to see an improvement in your credit file and with your credit scores!  Keep in mind that this is not an overnight process. Credit Repair is a partnership. 80% Credit Repair and 20% Credit Building. Results vary based on your personal credit file.  Please allow 30-45 days  to see results.

Congratulations! You've Met Your Goal

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority ad we have several years of experience in the credit repair and financial services industry to legally challenge all the inaccurate negative items on your credit profile.


Our goal is to get each client to a GOOD credit score of 660+.  Each month together we will collectively work towards that goal. Credit repair is a partnership. 80% is credit repair and 20% is the client implementing their credit building action plan. It takes BOTH parties to do their part or it simply won't work.

While in the program, you will be educated to gain a better understanding of credit. This will allow you to continue to build on the new healthy financial habits that we have taught your throughout your credit repair journey.

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