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  • •Is Credit Repair Worth It? Why?
    •As you are looking over your credit situation and credit reports, did you every think that what if my credit report contains errors. Did you know that 80% of credit reports contain errors on them. •Looking at your credit report yourself, you may not be able to recognize those errors, non compliant and accounts violating your rights as a consumer. Our team specializes in Factual Disputing, Metro2 Compliance, and Consumer Credit Laws. •Credit is a very critical piece to changing your life and lifestyle. Credit impacts your everyday life. •Not having ideal credit can cost you more money by paying higher interest rates. When you start realizing how much money you can save by making an investment in repairing your credit.
  • •How Does Credit Repair Work?
    •Soar Your Score improves your FICO score by disputing negative items on your credit report with *creditors and all three major credit bureaus. We handle the document processing by: •1. Retrieving your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion •2. Performing an extensive analysis of your credit history and identify inaccurate information. •3. Challenging inaccurate, unverifiable and misleading information with the credit bureaus. •4. Negotiating with creditors to remove negative items from your credit report. •5. Taking advantage of credit repair laws to have negative items removed from your credit reports •6. Helping you establish and maintain financial freedom.
  • •How Long Does Credit Repair Take?
    •Not only is it illegal to guarantee results for credit repair, it is merely impossible to predict final actions and decisions of credit bureaus, creditors and debit collectors. •Soar Your Score clients can expect to see results with 38-45 days. •The length of time it takes to restore your credit score will depend on your unique credit history. We work quickly to make expedite your letters to ensure that we get timely results.
  • •What Can I Do On My End To Help Increase My Score Increase?
    •Credit repair is a partnership. It's very important that you are paying your bills on time, paying down your existing credit card balances, and rebuilding a healthy credit file with our proven credit builders.
  • •How Will You Get My Credit Reports?
    •You are required to keep IdentityIQ open to monitor your credit. The Identity IQ credit monitoring technolgy is more accurate and it allows us to complete your rounds efficiently and much more quickly. If you need to set up your IdentityIQ credit monitoring, please follow this link
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